My life and staying positive

In life we all have our ups and downs. Me I can truly say I have more ups then downs, even when things are in a downward spiral the first thing that kicks in is my positive out look. It’s like it was born in me to fight and go with the flow of life. My mind body and spirit will not let me down. Being true to my self and taking care of my self is more important then anything ales in my life. Because I can’t take care of my family in less I take care me. That’s because I can’t take care of anyone in less I am able to take care of my self first, and I am my first priority, that and Sassy Pooh, she can’t take care of her self she’s a cat. 


I have loved and I have lost, but steel life goes on day after day and I have a choice to move with the flow or go against it.


I will go with the flow!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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