Staying positive and making a worthy list

Positive thinking or positive emotions should be this worlds first priority. If everyone put one positive thought in their minds everyday they would find the world goes smoother. 


I use to make a worthy list, starting with five things I’m worthy of in my life, ending with ten. 


My exampled of a worthy list, it’s very simple.

I used a computer to print it out or I would wright it down on paper.


  1. I am worthy
  2. I am worthy
  3. I am worthy
  4. I am worthy
  5. I am worthy 

Add to I am worthy 

Say to you’re self in the mirror every morning you’re worthy list till you believe what you are saying.  This helps not only if you have bad self esteem but to keep a good self esteem if it’s being threatened. 


Do remember you are not alone everyone in this world goes through hard times.   

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