Relationships are a lot of work, I now this very will

Emotions are high, and heart strings are being pulled

Keep in mind relationships are a lot of work, I now this very will. Me and my boyfriend are going through what some relationships do in the beginning of growing and learning of one another. Sometimes we need a little space away for each other.

Our relationship is just a baby right now. It’s growing, learning, and discovering it’s new life together. We are starting to sense each others feelings more, knowing when the others not feeling well. We now what buttons to push and how to get on each others nerves.

I have learned from past relationships that nothings going to be what you want it to be. Excepting each others up and downs is the hardest thing to do for both of you. But ones you find the way to except each others ups and downs, the relationship part gets so much better. I am hopping me and Sean get through all of our high emotions, and our downs because I now deep inside we do love each other equally. We would not fight for the relationship so much if we didn’t. 

I wrought this for Sean my love and hopefully partner in life someday.     


I love you Sean!

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