Where Science and Buddhism Meet PART 1

I have done allot of research through my life on religion and one religion I know allot about is Buddhism I believe in the old ways of Buddhism.

We’re all mad here




We’re all mad here, just look at me I’m setting in the dark with a mad grin on my face and I’m going cross eyed trying to hard to show my teeth. 

[Poem] Moon Dust

Moon dust and his foot print

He saw them coming down onto his surfs

Moon dust

Why are they here?”   he pondered 

He felt them land on his surfs 

He then heard them talking

he then felt a strange sensation

but what are they saying?

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!”

 Why are they here?”  he pondered again

He felt them land on his surfs 

moon dust

“One small step for the moon, one giant leap for his moon dust!”

He asked what mankind needed

He watches the humans as they walked on his surfs

Leaving footprints in his dust

But when they left

He felt proud he reviled nothing to these creatures

But his dusty surfs 

Moon dust


that was it.


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