Roses & Thorns Dark Poetry Forum

Roses & Thorns Dark Poetry Forum

A forum for dark poetry and resources other forms of poetry are welcome

Forum rules.

  • No spamming
  • No pushing
  • No harassment of other members
  • Keep on topic
  • No harassing of the admins or moderators, you’ll have three warnings if continued you will be banned from the forum
  • Make sure you introduce yourself in the new members area
  • Rules for Poetry contests will be posted in the poetry contest area. With name of the contest, awards, and anything to do with that contest.

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Darkness Walks Forum

Darkness Walks Forum

We are a community for Goths, real vampires, and dark minded people where they can share thoughts, ideas, and too bring their lives together. 



Gothic Social Networks

I want to find a place online where I can blog chat, and share my interests all in one and not have someone come on and say something rude or being a bully. My thing is, I hate people who think they are all that or think they are above everyone. My view on how someone should behave online is, it should be the same behavior as if you were offline and being a bully should not be permeated. Plus I think most kids get enough at school and home as well. Whey bring it into the Worldwide web.

My goals for building a Gothic Social network are. 


  1. To make socializing safe for both adults and teens.
  2. Have blogging, chat room, forums split between teen and adults, have it where the members can put their own interests on the website and make it their own.
  3. The member can choice the background they want.
  4. Have members on that have been through a tough life and being able to help those just going through it to give them support.
  5.  Also give support for those with mental health issues like depression , Bi-paler, and other metal issues.


I’m hopping to find a online free program to set up this network I’m taking my time in doing this because I need to think about how it will turn out.

My vision for a safe and friendly Gothic Social network is not to far behind me.  





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